holly richmond writerHey hey! I’m a writer in Portland, Oregon. People have called me “Like Iggy Azealea, only more like a librarian and not from Australia and with a smaller butt.” Or at least I would like them to.

I used to blog for green news site Grist.org and interview activists for MoveOn.org. One of my essays was recently “published” (if you can call it that) in an ebook about digital ethics. If you have a Kindle and are having trouble falling asleep, you can buy it here.

In addition to writing and editing, I’m pretty dang good at content strategy, social media, and SEO. Watching Netflix is also a talent of mine; I mostly do that pro bono.

If you need some gifs, mixtapes, collages, or random mutterings, peek at my scintillating blog. Thanks for visiting! (And feel free to get in touch on Twitter.)

Places you may have seen my writing: