a Mother’s Day mix

My mom, Dr. Colleen Richmond, was pretty effin’ cool.

Among other things (teaching, reading, social justice, lilacs, travel, Shakespeare…), she loved music and singing along in the car.

Some of the music I grew up with: Mary Chapin Carpenter; classic ’80s (and early ’90s) soundtracks like Pretty Woman, The Bodyguard, and Top Gun; Fleetwood Mac. Later came Natalie Merchant, the theme song to Gilmore Girls (my mom, my sister, and I watched it together on DVD), and Tracy Chapman. I remember riding in the passenger seat of my mom’s shiny green Buick Regal as we both sang along to Elton John’s “My Father’s Gun” (I think because it was on the Elizabethtown soundtrack, embarrassingly enough) as we drove beneath the trees on 99, heading north toward Portland.

Music is one of the ways I feel closest to her. I never really know what to do on Mother’s Day, other than hide in a hole, so I made a playlist of some songs that remind me of her.

Love and miss you, Mom!

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