Laurie Penny on being a Manic Pixie Dream Girl

Screen shot 2013-07-03 at (Jul 3)

Laurie Penny is a sharp 26-year-old British feminist writer. Her MPDG piece in the New Statesman (woman?) is completely rad, touching on everything from beauty and dating to writing and loneliness:

Something in me was rebelling against the idea of being a character in somebody else’s story. I wanted to write my own…

I refuse to burn my energy adding extra magic and sparkle to other people’s lives to get them to love me. I’m busy casting spells for myself…

The one abiding secret about us is that we’re not fantasies, and we weren’t made to save you: we’re real people, with flaws and cracked personalities and big dreams and digestive tracts…

[Y]ou can spend your whole life being a story that happens to somebody else. You can twist and cram and shave down every aspect of your personality that doesn’t quite fit into the story boys have grown up expecting, but eventually, one day, you’ll wake up and want something else, and you’ll have to choose.



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