Pretty Little Lairs

Pretty Little Lairs is a hit show on ABZ Family that focuses on four gorgeous lairs. Whether you’re a shoplifter acting out after your parents’ divorce or simply need somewhere to make out with your sister’s fiancee, there is a LAIR for YOU.
(Hey Big) Spender: This lair is perfect for overachievers who accumulate ill-gotten academic rewards faster than you can say “Big lair, don’t care.” It kind of looks like a horse. This lair is also a great place to stow stolen kisses and quickly discarded, three-episode-arc romantic interests.
Aardvarks (R Us): This lair may be tiny, but it’s got spunk. It’s the place to keep your dolls with flowing hair as well as affairs with English and judo teachers.
(No Acting) Ability: Lairs inherently can’t express much emotion, but this lair takes stoicism to a new level with a cement face rivaling Marissa Cooper’s, expect for, of course, its eyebrows (which are constantly furrowed). I mean furrows in the dirt. What am I saying?! Lairs don’t have eyebrows. (Thanks to Jaime Clark for the eyebrow insight.)
(MC) Hammer: This lair is my personal favorite, as it is the least unrelatable. It’s just a dumb lair for your overpriced sunglasses, flowy tops, and sky-high stilettos, but at least this lair says what we’re all thinking and doesn’t tiptoe around things.

Pretty Little Lairs is currently taking a winter hiatus while the lairs hibernate. It returns in January 2014.


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