party gurl

Party Girl is an awesome female-directed 1995 film starring Parker Posey. It’s about both PARTYING and BEING A LIBRARIAN, clearly two of the best things everrrr.


PP’s character Mary is the best because she 1) stands up for herself, 2) has amazing style, 3) embraces other cultures (appropriates, in the case of her ill-chosen bindi dot at the “Pita, Paul, and Mary” party), and 4) is true to herself.


It’s fun, brave, and empowering. I mean, just look at this cartwheel-while-putting-away-a-stack-o’-books:


Sure, Mary is swimming in privilege, but she does her best to help the people around her. Plus, the movie’s just plain pretty.


Who HASN’T wanted to make out in a library?!


There’ll always be a place for you at the Dairy Queen in my heart, Ms. Posey.

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