badassery part ii: the “don’t fuck with me” playlist

following yesterday’s visual inspiration for bein’ a badass, here’s some sonic inspiration when the world’s got you down. DON’ START NO SHIT, THERE WON’ BE NO SHIT.


  1. werkin girls – angel haze
    gurl is everywhere right now, for good reason.
  2. i’m the one – reema major
    “congratulations, your opinion is irrelevant!”
  3. love me or hate me – lady sovereign
    longtime favorite.
  4. konichiwa bitches – robyn
    ❤ ❤ ❤
  5. shut up – xtina
    because of course. #diva
  6. get back – ludacris
    mennonites introduced me to this song. go figure.
  7. fight the power – public enemy
    bonus points for dancing like rosie perez.
  8. raising hell – run DMC
    “i cut the head off the devil and i throw it at you”
  9. imma shine – youngbloodz
    OK FINE this is from Step Up
  10. knocked out – cazwell
    “you can speak to my assistant’s assistant’s assistant”
  11. shit list – L7
  12. boys wanna be her – peaches
  13. watch me shine – joanna pacitti
    wait what? who snuck a song from Legally Blonde on here?!
  14. pork and beans – weezer
    “i ain’t got a thing to prove to you!”

hope you enjoy ❤ ❤


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