Everyone is now a dentist. No one is more gangster.


Randomly stumbled on this amusing German (?) music video, Kids (2 Finger an den Kopf) by Marteria:

Includes people running on treadmills with their dogs and some amazing lyrics, according to Google Translate:

Nobody dances more Moonwalk since Michael Jackson died all on salad

Everyone goes jogging, talking over his stomach before the “Purple clouds are coming”

Everyone is now a dentist – no one is more gangster

None falsifies more stamps – all go swimming

No one makes more malls, all go to Sweden

And the world it continues to rotate just not quite as loud

The gist of it seems to be, “The world got tame. No one is a badass. SHOOT ME.” Although maybe it’s “Why are there so many dentists?!” Yeah, I’m goin’ with that.


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