sass and style: miss fisher’s murder mysteries

“I like Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries,” my dad said, “but they’re kind of risqué!”


I’m watching the first season on Netflix, and they’re actually pretty tame — Sherlock crossed with Downton Abbey, but set in Australia and featuring a fearless, perfectly dressed heroine. Phryne Fisher is our spunky flapper detective with a black silky bob, gold revolver, and enviable sex life.


It’s cute, heartwarming, and even a little cheesy — that is, if you can get past the fact that Phryne’s voice sounds just like Mary Poppins, who is about the least sexy person imaginable.

phryne fisher

Of course she can also speak French and Mandarin, fly a plane, dance the tango, and clamber across a rooftop to toss a dagger into a suspect’s shoulder, all without losing her stylishly tassled hat.


But mostly I admire her swagger, self-reliance, and independent spirit. Oh yeah, and perfect cherry lip.

A lady in the 1920s who followed her bliss without worrying about marriage or motherhood?



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