Kelly Cutrone: the psychic ass-kick you need

I just finished Kelly Cutrone’s book If You Have To Cry, Go Outside (And Other Things Your Mother Never Told You).

It was fantastic. Read it NOW.

if you have to cry, go outside

I guess I dug it for a few reasons:

  • She’s a badass bitch who isn’t afraid to be successful, be hated, and do what she wants.
  • She’s spiritual, but not in a Gwyneth Paltrow/Lululemon way…like non-obnoxiously inspired by Eastern religions.
  • She encourages you to BE UNIQUELY YOU. Figure out what it is you wanna do and DO IT. Don’t try to be anybody else.

I’d never heard of her (or seen her show, Kell on Earth) before randomly deciding to put her book on hold at the library based on its title alone. Then I saw the cover: a serious, almost mean-looking lady with almost no makeup on (I C U, lipgloss) and hair severely pulled back. Wait, what? A hella-successful fashionista who’s less Gisele and more Amish?

There’s some basic stuff in there for 22-year-old fashion wannabes (don’t be so entitled; work hard; call people instead of emailing). But most of it is about Following Your Truth or whatever (including a short guide to creating your own religion)(!). It’s hard to describe without sounding super frou-frou. Her self-identified title of Mama Wolf gives some heft and weight to what could’ve veered into juice cleanse territory.

Anyway, I think it addresses a pretty common dilemma: How much should I try to fit in vs. letting my freak flag fly? I’m afraid of being too weird at work, but when I’m around people who are REALLY out there, I feel square…but not square enough to hang with the Kens and Barbies. Kelly’s book is reassuringly “YOU DO YOU” and “YOU GOT THIS” without actually being that cliché. OK fine, I’m having trouble describing it, but it’s just a kickass book! Go read it!



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