all the feels

The awesome Eliana had an extra ticket to see the cellist Zoë Keating on Friday at the Aladdin, and I didn’t have plans (SHOCKER) so I went with and it was wonderful. I’d never heard of her before, but the show was incredibly beautiful and moving. Not only does Zoë make gorgeous layers of cello music using looping pedals, but you just wanna be besties with her. Her between-song banter is down to earth, thoughtful, intelligent, and self-deprecating. I think we all wanted to hug her.

She has to cut her current tour short because her husband has aggressive late-stage cancer 😥 so I’m even more grateful I got to see her. In an odd twist, I discovered upon googling that she was part of Rasputina, a sort of Victorian-white-girl-dreads string band that opened for a show I saw (Sondre Lerche? Belle & Sebastian?) in college. Plus, she went to Sarah Lawrence, my imaginary alma mater! The universe is cray.

Her cello music is a li’l haunting and melancholy while being warm and sensual. Perfect for fall. Get cozy and listen. And send some love and good vibes her family’s way.


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