current obsession: rupaul’s drag race

rupaul's drag race love yourself quote#truth

I know. Everyone else has been into RuPaul’s Drag Race since like 1942. SORRY I’M SO LATE 2 THA GAME.*

There’s something about drag that’s fascinating. How it plays with gender stereotypes. The looks are SO over the top. The guys aren’t aping realistic female looks — it’s femininity to an extreme.

Plus, it reveals how it takes 10 hours and 80 pounds of makeup to look that girly. My idealistic feminist wants to say drag exposes how ridiculous female beauty standards are. But I’m not sure there’s actually that much explicit social commentary? It’s between the lines, though, for sure.

Anyway, I’m sure someone else has already said all of this better somewhere else. LEZ GIT 2 THA MUSIKK.

*As with everything hip, the fabulous Jake got me into it.

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