What are your core values?

Last night, my ever-wise therapist asked me what my core values are.


“That’s not a core value, Holly.”


Thankfully she sent me this list today (from a blog post by Chelsea Anne Baugh), which made it a lot easier:


I highlighted about 20, then narrowed it down to 5 that seemed to be recurring themes (with a few scattered leftovers). But before I go any further, take a look for a sec. Maybe even print it out (WHOA!!!). What are YOURS?!?!

I know it’s a kind of weird corporate-y/religious-y thing to do, à la “What’s your personal brand?” and other nauseating things. BUT it’s an interesting exercise, just to try to pinpoint what you look for in relationships and what’s the driving force behind your life.

OK, here are mine:

  1. Compassion (empathy, sensitivity)
  2. Understanding (grace, thankfulness–OK fine thankfulness doesn’t really fit)
  3. Loyalty (commitment, dependability, reliability, thoughtfulness, trustworthiness)
  4. Continuous improvement (creativity, curiosity, humility–like being humble enough to realize you don’t know it all, and respect for the wild vastness of the universe)
  5. Happiness (contentment, joy, love, positivity, enthusiasm)

Other top ones: belonging, contribution, openness, selflessness

It’s kinda interesting, right? OK seriously, what are yours?




  1. Those are good core values.

    Love (caring, connection)
    Empathy (or compassion — I think those are related — and really might all be related to love)
    Honour (not like people who kill for so-called honour, but more like being honest, genuine, upstanding, reliable, decent)
    Justice (not necessarily fairness but similar)

    What a Capricorn, eh? Also someone trained in Rogerian counselling. And mostly awake after one cup of coffee.

    • Freedom is a good one. Impressive!!! Both values AND awake-ness after only one cup. I’m on cup #2 and still sleepwalking 🙂

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