fashion manifesto (fashifesto?)

I don’t like to say I work “in fashion,” because that makes it sound like I look like this every day:

Freema Agyeman as Larissa Loughton in The Carrie Diaries
Freema Agyeman as Larissa Loughton in The Carrie Diaries

…when this is much closer:


But I kind of do work in fashion: I write clothing catalogs. (So if I run into an ex or anyone from high school, you BET I’m gonna say “I WORK IN FASHION and yes my life is fantastic and perfect THANKS BYEEEE.”) As a result, I’ve been thinking about clothes. A LOT.

My fashion jello (if you will) is still, uh, congealing or whatever, but this job has helped me firm up my personal fashion sense. Lately, I’ve been embracing neon yellow, hot pink, and all the Easter-egg colors that make glittery stars shoot out of my eyes, despite worries about PROFESSIONALISM and What A Thirty-Something OUGHT To Wear. It’s been great!

As I slowly notice what makes me happy, I’m trying to remember it…hence this blog post! Ready?

FASHION MANIFESTO (fashifesto??)

  1. No laces. Shoes should quickly zip or velcro or slip on. Who has time for laces? Not me. DEATH TO LACES.
  2. Fabric/texture should make me happy. I’ll never wear the cutest shirt in the world if it’s scratchy or itchy.
  3. NO DRY-CLEANING. Ever. (Or hand-washing, for that matter. If I can’t at LEAST machine-wash-cold-on-gentle that shit, nope.)
  4. NO IRONING. (I miiiight steam out wrinkles for a job interview…but that’s about it.)
  5. Clothes should make me smile. My closet should make me happy to get dressed. I want to put on cake and frosting and confetti when I wake up, not concrete gray. Ew!

    apparently dots and novelty prints make me happy. yes, i am 12.
  6. Avoid fast fashion (Forever 21, H&M…). Try to buy a few well-made things (while remembering I’m on a budget) instead of lots of fall-aparty things.
  7. Take into account what colors look good on me without letting that dictate everything I wear (see: neon yellow). Apparently I’m supposed to wear a lot of brown.

    via Minimalist Beauty
    via Minimalist Beauty
  8. If I don’t love it, return it. If it makes me feel bad about myself and my body, DEFINITELY RETURN IT IMMEDIATELY and take a bubble bath/nap/etc.
  9. Don’t imitate other people. Let them inspire me to try new things, but don’t try to be anybody else. I’m never gonna be the girl who can rock cropped flared light denim with pointy black ankle boots and a suede choker. And that’s totally fine.
  10. Try to be happy with what I have. At the end of the day, they’re just clothes. Relationships, art, language…that’s what REALLY makes me happy. ❤


  1. Great quote from designer Isaac Mizrahi, who currently has a special exhibit at the Jewish Museum in New York: “Know when a particular style doesn’t work for you and pass on it. Confidence and knowing what’s right for you is 95 percent of style.” Good way to think of personal style — what makes you happy? If you feel good in what you’re wearing, there you go!

    I’m with you on no laces (or rather, laces that are more for show because the shoes really have a zipper), no ironing, and no fast fashion. I’ll put up with a little dry cleaning, just not too much. It’s usually needed only once or twice a year anyway.

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