candy glam boho

I love interior decorating. I recently flirted with the idea of going back to school for interior design (which I KNOW isn’t the same thing, Derek*), and the jury is still out.

But actually pigeonholing yo’ style is kinda hard unless you’re textbook midcentury modern or, like, Rustic Doily-Filled Cottage (totally a thing!).

I like the boho vibe, but not when it teeters into full-on hippie/festival/weed paraphernalia mode. I like glam, but not random metallic tchotchkes that serve no purpose (and this gold Jonathan Adler banana vase DOES NOT COUNT; its purpose is amazingness). And pastels, hot pink, and tropical shit makes me happy, but not the monogrammed sorority sister stuff (cough, Lily Pulitzer). Finally, I have a black black heart but am not quite pastel goth. Wait, wake up! I can hear you snoring from my navel-gazingness, but I have a point, I swear! (Ahem.)

Enter CANDY GLAM BOHO. It’s not bad as far as made-up design genres go, right? But what does it LOOK LIKE, you ask? OK put your seatbelt on for AN IMAGE DUMP OF MAGIC:



IT JUST MAKES MY HEART PURR. Or my eyes. Or something. (Shut up, Derek.)

Anyway, said heart-purringness is usually reserved for Pinterest, but sometimes you just need your visual SweeTarts all in one place. I’d list/link to all my sources, but that would be a nightmare, and I have actual physical candy to eat. If you have a hard time articulating YOUR design style, I highly recommend some Photoshop action. Satisfying and oddly soothing, almost like a digital coloring book. Don’t forget to give your Personal Aesthetic(TM) a silly name (and tell me what it is, of course)!

*imaginary inner critic i apparently talk to? derek zoolander? who is this guy?



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