How to dress like Claudia Kishi

ūüĆľupdated August 2020ūüĆľ

Is any fictional character more beloved for her personal style than CLAUDIA KISHI?

claudia kishi fashion outfits wardrobe

Unquestionably¬†the best member of¬†The Babysitters Club¬†books (a ’90s-child staple), Claudia was *~the artsy one~* and¬†the most relatable (for me, at least).¬†Claud is known for her terrible spelling, candy addiction, and FUNKY FRESH wardrobe, which author Ann M. Martin (and her ghostwriters) describe in deliciously painstaking detail in every book.¬†While struggling¬†with school and comparisons¬†to her genius sister, Janine, Claudia¬†expressed her creativity through amazing thrifted mish-mash outfits. They¬†revolve around¬†a few key staples:

  • Leggings
  • Vests
  • Cowboy boots
  • Hoops or novelty earrings
  • Long funky necklaces
  • High ponytails with scrunchies

So much yes.

claudia kishi outfits fashion

Claud was the original hipster, but in an unpretentious way (she was cool because she was messy and had her own phone line, not because she listened to the “right” bands). She wasn’t self-obsessed. She mostly cared about babysitting, painting, reading Nancy Drew¬†mysteries,¬†being a good friend, and hanging out with her grandma, Mimi.¬†She lacked the snobby¬†narcissism of Stacey, the mousy spinelessness of Mary Anne, and the controlling¬†type-A-ness of Kristy. (Wow, I guess I didn’t like the other characters much!)

And of any of the characters, Claudia left the biggest mark on pop culture, inspiring a comic, a fashion blog, and countless style posts¬†(including this one!). Half Japanese, she was also¬†a role model for¬†Asian-American¬†readers¬†(although writers did focus on her “exotic”-ness and¬†“almond-shaped eyes” too much).

So eat a doughnut, hit up your favorite thrift store, and twirl the cord of your landline around your finger! ‚̧ u 4ever, Claudia.

Update, August 2020! Um could the Netflix reboot of the Baby-Sitters’ Club BE any more heartwarming?! I’ve watched it twice so far and LOVE the costume design for Claud! The show inspired me to go back through the 130+ book covers in search of even more outfit inspo:

Claudia Kishi outfits style babysitters club

The show did NOT disappoint: bright colors, oversized knits, and overalls/jumpsuits to die for. I’m inspired to seek out more orange, purple, and YELLOW PLAID clothes. It’s hard to pick a fave ~lewk~ but I think this mustard-yellow jumpsuit, bomber jacket, daisy ring combo takes the cake:

Brb, gotta finish watching it for the third time ūüėČ

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