dressing like a toddler for fun and profit

You know what’s overrated? Dressing like a grownup.

I went through a brief period of Trying To Look Professional (coinciding with a certain job). You know, blazers, flattering colors, and all that. Now that I work from home or in a casual coworking space, I’m back to Looking Like a Goddamn Hot Mess. J/k, I still try to look presentable…but in an Eccentric Glamour kind of way.


Why are all the fun clothes made for kids? I swear:

SOMEone (ahem, serious fashion designers) decided women only wanted to wear olive green and navy and black and white. When REALLY some of us want to wear neon rainbows and watermelons all the time, and preferably not in polyester, thankyouverymuch. (Thankfully, Lazy Oaf and Gorman seem to realize this, though they’re pretty spendy.)

Lately, I’ve been embracing my inner child by ordering some pink cotton bike shorts to wear under mini dresses and wearing t-shirts under strappy/cleavage-y sundresses. To hell with looking chic or sophisticated! It’s not like I spend my free time slinking around jazz bars, martini in hand. More like taking long naps and running down the street to catch the bus.

Is subtlety only for the borings? Will my therapist have a field day analyzing what this means about my maturity level and comfort with my SEXUALITY and WOMANHOOD? Tune in next time! J/k, we’ll probably talk about butterscotch pudding next time. SORRRRREEEEE!



  1. Doesn’t look like dressing like a child to me. A child of the 60s, maybe! Colour is excellent, especially in summer! And you’re creating your look rather than allowing other influences to tell you what it ought to be. New fashion comes from people who do combinations like you’re doing.

    Fabric is a tough one though. The only good thing about polyester is that if you love what’s made out of it, you can keep it forever (like the dress I’m currently wearing, which I bought about eight years ago–a bright, colourful peacock pattern, btw). Cotton is better, although conventionally grown cotton uses lots of water and pesticides. I love rayons (Tencel etc.) but apparently they’re not as sustainable as was first thought.

    • THANK YOU!!! 🙂 And good point about polyester–your dress sounds beautiful and fun! You’re right, cotton has its issues too. My friend Kelly has gotten me into Mata Traders–they use a lot of cotton, and I don’t think it’s organic, but they are fair trade. Hmm, interesting about rayon/Tencel–been seeing a lot of those lately!

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