aesthetic: unemployed art teacher

After slowly starting to get my (fashion) groove back in July, I’ve been testing the waters of ~*~*waCkY dReSsInG*~*~ even more and found it to be A DELIGHTFUL BURBLY HOT TUB OF MAGICKZ, not unlike the strawberry jacuzzi milkshake machine in Good Burger:

Ahem. Anyway, the thing is, I can mix prints and mismatch stuff and–SHH–it turns out you won’t get fired for that shit! IN FACT, nobody really cares at all! (And sometimes strangers on the street are even complimentary!) Am considering banning black from my wardrobe, perhaps even all neutrals/solid colors forever (but let’s not get too wacky amirite). Newfound look hereby dubbed UNEMPLOYED ART TEACHER. Witness:

Lots of layers, colors, thrift shop finds; zero black blazers, Flattering Subdued Tones, or restraint.

It seems to be going well so far.



  1. You’re killing the Unemployed Art Teacher thing! Let’s hang out and I’ll dress as my desired style type: 60-year-old Jungian therapist.

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