34 fave things from my 34th year

I mean if Oprah can do it, right?!

forgive my use of Paint. i don’t have Photoshop anymore


  1. the Kaylor fandom on Tumblr
  2. Floss Gloss nail polish (my nails currently look like a disco ball thanks to Mo)
  3. Women Who Love Too Much. life. changing.
  4. the Headspace app. started meditating this spring and digging it.
  5. the Shakespeare room at the Sylvia Beach Hotel
  6. seeing Tove Lo with Jake
  7. GLOW on netflix
  8. seeing Radiohead live for the first time
  9. a trip to Sante Fe (sisser + SUN!)
  10. getting a cat tattoo (how it took me this long i don’t know)
  11. going to Cape Disappointment after getting dumped #friendship
  12. karaoke. cure for what ails ya
  13. a one-night improv class
  14. soaking. pools. (aka drinking in a ginormous hot tub)
  15. Shakespeare in the Park
  16. an escape room
  17. an eclipse wedding
  18. bath bombs
  19. a girls’ escape here and a “secret” passageway
  20. a murder mystery party
  21. pusheen
  22. rainbow everything
  23. Cougar Town
  24. Stash mango passionfruit tea
  25. “Create a life that feels good on the inside, not one that just looks good on the outside.”
  26. “Do no harm but take no shit.”
  27. witchsy.com
  28. my boo ❤
  29. comfy comfy pink danskos
  30. stars hearts sprinkles and watermelons
  31. Cupcakke
  32. ethical/fair trade fashion via kell
  33. darling distraction
  34. my pink artificial christmas tree

happy hollydays to youuuuu!