easy-peasy way to fight trump

Trump is horrible, needless to say, so I sign petitions and email my elected officials ‘n’ shit, but I live in a super-blue area and they’re like “Yeah yeah we know, we’re already voting to, like, respect basic human decency.” Solution? Write people in key political districts and urge THEM to vote! (And vote myself, obvs.) Need to Impeach will send you 10 already addressed, postage-paid notes–all ya gotta do is scribble down a few lines and put ’em in the mail. (Need to Impeach even gives you some sample text.) If (like me) you are too chicken to call strangers or god forbid knock on doors (I need some more Lexapro just thinking about it), this is the perfect way to get politically involved from the comfort of your couch. You can even drink wine and listen to Janelle Monae while you do it. Have I convinced you yet??!?!


I promise you will feel like a super badass afterwards.

Cool cool democracy yeah!



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