Jameela Jamil on the Kardashians “recycling hatred”

Jameela Jamil (of The Good Place) called out the Kardashians for selling a patriarchal narrative to other women AND I AM SO HERE FOR IT:

“You are selling us something that really doesn’t make us feel good. You’re selling us an ideal, a body shape, a problem with our wrinkles, a problem with aging, a problem with gravity, a problem with any kind of body fat. You’re selling us self-consciousness. The same poison that made you, clearly, develop some sort of body dysmorphia or facial dysmorphia, you are now pouring back into the world. You’re, like, recycling hatred. And I find that really dangerous and I find it unacceptable, and I don’t care if you’re a woman.”

It’s from a fascinating 48-minute interview in which she (very eloquently) discusses airbrushing, social media, sex ed, racial representation in Hollywood, eating disorders, #MeToo, how we need more women in writers’ rooms, and lots more. (She makes some fantastic points, like why do people with a proven track record of disrespecting women, cough Louis CK cough, continue to get a platform, while there are tons of other talented people who don’t get high-profile opportunities?)

24 minutes in, she starts talking about how you can call out women (and specifically the Kardashians) for doing toxic, damaging things (like promoting bullshit weight-loss lollipops to young girls) and that doesn’t make you a bad feminist:

New outspoken feminist hero! HOLLA!

via ONTD


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