kate spade spring 2019 [tw: suicide]

I know I already posted about fall 2018/early 2019 runway fash, but I just saw Kate Spade’s spring 2019 line, designed by Nicola Glass, and couldn’t ignore it! Here are some fave looks, very colorful and ’70s chic:

kate spade spring 2019

It’s hard to look at the line, though (as bright and fun as it is), as Kate’s suicide this June is so sad. In a tiny silver lining, I’m glad anxiety and depression are becoming less hush-hush–mental health issues should NOT be stigmatized!–but all the celebrity suicides in the past few months are too high of a price to pay. For the moment, I’ll resist the urge to rant about the seemingly toxic pressures of fame, and how everyone should go to therapy (and it should be accessible/affordable), and how we should all be taught to recognize and respond to signs someone might be suicidal. (Mostly because my thoughts aren’t fully formed yet…and I need to make dinner.)

For now, find a free suicide prevention training in your area by googling your city and “Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST)” (here are some in Oregon! I want to go). And call 1-800-273-8255 if you’re thinking about hurting yourself (it’s free & 24 hours a day). Be kind to yourself, friend 💕

RIP Kate. 💔


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