be your own muse

Viktor & Rolf’s spring 2019 collection is my catnip: pastels ‘n’ neons, pithy memes, and SO MUCH TULLE!!!!! OK yes it’s a bit lazy to just plaster slightly overused sayings on your dresses, but on the other hand, yes let’s please fuck this shit and go to Paris!

victor & rolf spring 2019

(photos via vogue)

Also, I love it when fashion isn’t flattering. “Flattering” is so overrated. If you wanna wear a tent, DO IT. If you wanna wear mustard and it makes your skin look green, GO FOR IT. Cast off the shackles of fashion shoulds and embrace chaos! VIVA LA REVOLUTION!!!! (Ahem.)

P.S. Thank you, Viktor and Rolf, for this excuse to listen to They Might Be Giants’ Fingertips album.


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