cats + CRJ = <3


holy shit!!!!!

I LOVE THIS AESTHETIC! Carly Rae Jepsen is always unapologetically feminine, but this video just turns that up to 11. A delicate French-girl vibe, sweet pastels, and tons of clothes with kitties on them! I DIE:

Um, a polka-dot nightie and fluffy eye mask?! YES. Great contrast with her midnight blue talons and smoky eye 💅

Look at all that natural light streaming in, and the curlicues of the wrought-iron bed! Even aside from all the cats, DREAM BEDROOM.

Carly rocks the platinum blonde so well.

She literally wears a cat catsuit. A catsuit covered in cats. It’s so meta, my brain exploded. You can see the detritus floating behind her. RIP my brain.

Isn’t she just the most adorable ingenue? A human pink macaron. I bet she smells like sugar and innocence and dreams.



Spoiler: She finds the cat AND LOVE. Because cats are love. Love is a cat. This video deserves one billion views. The end.


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