white silence is violence


Awhile ago, I started writing a blog post titled, “All white people are racist.” A friend had recommended So You Want To Talk About Race by Ijeoma Oluo, and it really opened my eyes. Like so many ignorant white people, I hadn’t realized before that we white Americans exist in a racist system. We’re taught to be racist. We ARE racist. And getting defensive and insulted about that is soooo not the point. The point is to own my privilege, recognize my racism, and do the work to be actively anti-racist.

I never published that blog post.

I went back and forth. It seemed important. It also seemed angry. Shouldn’t I stick to happy fluffy stuff, like collages and gifs and inspirational quotes? I didn’t want to be offputting, have people think I was an angry feminist or ~ social justice warrior ~.

FUCK THAT. That was a big mistake. I’m sorry for my silence. Black people don’t have the luxury of deciding, nope, I don’t want to think about race today. I’m going to do better by:

It feels weird to put that out there, like I’m bragging, but I want to commit and hold myself accountable. Silence isn’t an option anymore.

2 thoughts on “white silence is violence

  1. Am reading So You Want to Talk about Race, right now. Soo good. Houk & I going to book club, White Fragility next if you are still reading or want to Zoom chat book club when we’re done. Great to put it out there. I totally get the accountability bit. ❤

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