you’ve got to feel it in your bones

I read about Bones (aka Bones UK) in a post about female-led bands on Oh No They Didn’t, and they’re AWESOME in an angry dirty badass way! Same vein as Garbage, although darker. Perfect for kicking down doors, real or metaphorical:

If Schoolhouse Rock dropped out of school and discovered heavy eyeliner:

Slightly NSFW at the beginning (song starts around 1:19):

I’ll give ’em my bones when their debut album comes out!! GET IT BONES LIKE MUNNY yeah pretty bad i know k bye


zolita – fight like a girl

Being out in the entertainment industry, especially as a woman, is tricky. On the one hand, I believe artists have a responsibility to be open, because their silence perpetuates assumed heteronormativity. Queer visibility is vital and saves many lives. On the other hand, I understand that some artists would rather keep their personal lives to themselves. As for me, being publicly out has been the most rewarding experience of my life.

lesbian feminist musician Zolita

(and another good interview)

badass lady summer jams

’80s ladies via GLOW, ’90s house, new Kesha = SUMMATHYME

p.s. everyone should listen to cupcakKe; she is UHMAZING ❤

wut r u listening 2 this summrrrr

Inspo: Shirley Manson

Never listened to Garbage much beyond their singles, but feelin’ some ’90s nostalgia for eternal badass Shirley Manson:

shirley manson collage garbage quotes

Ignore the shirtless juggalo:

Happy Angsty weekend 🙂


<3 rosa diaz <3

Rosa Diaz of Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a badass. The fictional police detective breaks things, almost never smiles, and doesn’t suffer fools. She’s also amazing at her job and dresses like a biker/assassin. Basically, she’s awesome. She would’ve been fired 10 times over in real life, but that’s the beauty of TV, eh?

Rosa Diaz. Know her. LOVE HER. As much as you can through gifs, anyway:

rosa diaz axe brooklyn nine nine

rosa diaz destroys printer brooklyn nine nine

Rosa Diaz yay brooklyn nine nine

rosa diaz feelings brooklyn 99

rosa diaz mercy kill blink twice brooklyn 99

rosa diaz hate people think they're hot

rosa diaz i hate small talk brooklyn nine nine

rosa diaz flirting insulting brooklyn nine nine

rosa diaz brooklyn 99 morons


rosa diaz lorelai brooklyn nine nine

Got your number, Diaz.

rosa diaz you know too much brooklyn 99