nerd crush: Danny L Harle

If a tall, pale, bespectacled Englishman wasn’t already nerd girl catnip, give him a winning personality and musical superpowers and he’s utterly irresistible. I’m talking, URBVIOUSLY, about Danny L Harle (catchphrase: HUGE DANNY).


This gent from London started out as the cello-playing son of a saxophonist, studying classical music, composing soundtracks, and playing jazz on dinner cruises, according to the UK Standard. Then he got into synths in a big way. He recently blew up after releasing hella catchy electro-pop gems like “Broken Flowers” and the fantastic “Super Natural” with Carly Rae Jepsen (although my fave might still be In My Dreams):

There’s something pure about his music…unabashedly upbeat, head-bobbing, body-moving pop. Bubblegum lightning! As much as you can tell about a stranger from their YouTube videos and internet presence, he seems endearingly sincere, taking an infectious joy in his work. From a Clash Music interview:

[M]y music is all an expression of love for music and there’s no element of irony or sneeriness.

Although his music definitely has niche, hipstery appeal (the label he’s on, PC Music, has been described as “postmodern exhibitionism,”) he doesn’t seem pretentious:

I don’t want the music just to be for nerdy people. I am a nerdy person and I love nerdy people but I want to make these big expressions for people to project their own ideas upon.

Need proof of said nerdiness? Well, Danny L Harle loves cats and science, so HOW ABOUT THAT:

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All of the squees: Carly Rae Jepsen’s Boy Problems music vid is here and as Petra Collins directed it, Tavi has a cameo AND it’s full of sparkly ’90s gurl power, glitter, and neon colors. It’s basically a slumber party, hug, and disco ball combined. I’m not supes into Petra but how can you not love this?

very Clueless


those. earrings.
those. earrings.


I would like to spend my life with tiny hair bunz being lit in green and pink lights.


~*~so milennial amirite~*~


Where do I apply to be part of this hug?

current obsession: rupaul’s drag race

rupaul's drag race love yourself quote#truth

I know. Everyone else has been into RuPaul’s Drag Race since like 1942. SORRY I’M SO LATE 2 THA GAME.*

There’s something about drag that’s fascinating. How it plays with gender stereotypes. The looks are SO over the top. The guys aren’t aping realistic female looks — it’s femininity to an extreme.

Plus, it reveals how it takes 10 hours and 80 pounds of makeup to look that girly. My idealistic feminist wants to say drag exposes how ridiculous female beauty standards are. But I’m not sure there’s actually that much explicit social commentary? It’s between the lines, though, for sure.

Anyway, I’m sure someone else has already said all of this better somewhere else. LEZ GIT 2 THA MUSIKK.

*As with everything hip, the fabulous Jake got me into it.