what a colonoscopy is like, in Mean Girls gifs

when you can’t eat certain foods for a week beforehand

learning popcorn is one of those things

the day before when u can only have clear liquids

when u see someone with food

when yr starving and slightly delirious from all the gatorade

the night before when u have to drink a ton of gross bowel prep liquid

spending hours in the bathroom

when you realize you have to wake up at 4am to drink MORE prep liquid

running to the bathroom

when it’s finally time for the colonoscopy

once they turn on the anesthesia

when u wake up and realize it’s over

afterwards, when u should prolly eat something healthy

being able to eat berries, nuts, and popcorn again



20 experiences to buy instead of things

goodnight, sweet prince

I did something big (to me) today. I DELETED MY PINTEREST. Hey-o! (I know. In the grand scheme, it’s…somewhat less important than Russian meddling in the 2016 election, but anyway.)

My Pinterest served two purposes: cataloging all the shit I wanted to buy, and collecting inspirational interior design photos/badass quotes. I’m trying to work on my shopaholic tendencies, and Pinterest directly contributes to them. So I took the plunge.

But HELP! What do I spend my paycheck on if not clothes I don’t need, books I still haven’t read, and other random trinkets I’ll just have to Marie Kondo later? Experiences, it turns out:

Recent research from San Francisco State University found that people who spent money on experiences rather than material items were happier and felt the money was better spent. The thrill of purchasing things fades quickly but the joy and memories of experiences, from epic adventures to minute encounters, can last a lifetime. 

This is helpful yet vague, so I made Ye Olde List of 20 Experiences To Spend Mah Munny On Instead of Stuff. In no particular order:

  1. a massage
  2. cup of tea/glass of wine at neighborhood spot
  3. a pedicure
  4. a concert
  5. a museum visit
  6. a night or two at the coast
  7. a play
  8. a drag show
  9. weekend brunch
  10. a good haircut
  11. lunch at food carts if I’m at work
  12. afternoon coffee/tea with coworkers
  13. dinner/drinks with friends
  14. roller derby
  15. a painting or improv class
  16. having people over for drinks/dessert/board games
  17. a donation to an LGBTQ group, Planned Parenthood, NARAL, etc.
  18. a retreat somewhere
  19. yoga class or personal trainer
  20. travel

I realize that, except for #17, this is still spending money on ME and potentially JUST as self-indulgent as buying actual stuff. And who knows if I’ll be able to quit buying fun scented candles and whatnot cold turkey. (Does a tattoo count as a thing?) Baby steps…

journal #9

we all scream for hayley kiyoko amirite

been listening to a lot of ’90s hip hop & binge-watching Living Single (highly recommend)

Annual gun deaths in Japan: <10. America: 33,000

This is mind-blowing:

America’s gun homicide rate is 25 TIMES HIGHER than other developed countries.

Really pissed Trump is blaming the latest school shooting on mental health without even acknowledging access to guns is way too easy. ONLY 4-6% of people who commit criminal gun violence are mentally ill. Thanks for adding to mental health stigma, Tr*mp.

Stuff you can do:

spring 2018 boho vibez

Feeling very pastel-pink-yellow-blue, California, soft flowy hippie, vintage florals ‘n’ daisies, faded embroidered jeans with a flowy white top:

kinda the opposite of rock ‘n’ roll joan jett dark edgy shit.

Inspired by the Washington Post’s In/Out list, here’s mine, which boils down to “out with trying so hard to be a badass; in with being a softy”:

Out with… In with…
Irish coffee Green tea with honey and lemon
Hot pink hair Bleached blonde
Black lace-up jeans Faded embroidered mom jeans
Ankle boots Clogs and mary janes
Snarling and glowering Naps and hugs
Resentment Vulnerability

(I mean, who wouldn’t want their seasonal style aesthetic to be “weeping openly in a coffeeshop”?!)

Wut’s yer 2018 style vibe?

34 fave things from my 34th year

I mean if Oprah can do it, right?!

forgive my use of Paint. i don’t have Photoshop anymore


  1. the Kaylor fandom on Tumblr
  2. Floss Gloss nail polish (my nails currently look like a disco ball thanks to Mo)
  3. Women Who Love Too Much. life. changing.
  4. the Headspace app. started meditating this spring and digging it.
  5. the Shakespeare room at the Sylvia Beach Hotel
  6. seeing Tove Lo with Jake
  7. GLOW on netflix
  8. seeing Radiohead live for the first time
  9. a trip to Sante Fe (sisser + SUN!)
  10. getting a cat tattoo (how it took me this long i don’t know)
  11. going to Cape Disappointment after getting dumped #friendship
  12. karaoke. cure for what ails ya
  13. a one-night improv class
  14. soaking. pools. (aka drinking in a ginormous hot tub)
  15. Shakespeare in the Park
  16. an escape room
  17. an eclipse wedding
  18. bath bombs
  19. a girls’ escape here and a “secret” passageway
  20. a murder mystery party
  21. pusheen
  22. rainbow everything
  23. Cougar Town
  24. Stash mango passionfruit tea
  25. “Create a life that feels good on the inside, not one that just looks good on the outside.”
  26. “Do no harm but take no shit.”
  27. witchsy.com
  28. my boo ❤
  29. comfy comfy pink danskos
  30. stars hearts sprinkles and watermelons
  31. Cupcakke
  32. ethical/fair trade fashion via kell
  33. darling distraction
  34. my pink artificial christmas tree

happy hollydays to youuuuu!