fave cannes lewkz

cannes 2016 fashion outfits

all photos via vogue uk

There was a LOT of black and boring stuff, so obviously I rooted through til I found the pink yellow puke amazingness (even though I only know who like 3 of these people are).

um that multicolor strapless number (by Naeem Khan)! I AM IN AWE. and Vanessa Paradis’s flamingo pink heels and menswear. I know Riley Keough’s vomit-and-magenta Gucci dress is gonna be a FASHION DON’T but i love it. Daring colors plus ruffles and a ’90s feel, amirite?

ahhh. pastel candy monster temporarily satiated.



designer crush: christopher kane

So in the ongoing Tavi Worship saga (hey, Tavi was obsessed with Rei Kawakubo of Comme Des Garçons; a little fangirling never hurt nobody, right? RIGHT SWIMFAN? ahem), I remembered she’d mentioned Christopher Kane, so today when Net a Porter’s EDIT magazine had an interview with him, I took note. Turns out HE’S RAD:

The designer describes himself as a feminist, the result of growing up in Motherwell, Scotland, surrounded by an extended family of strong, hard-working women. “I’ve always felt more comfortable around women,” he laughs. “I’m scared of them but I love them; they’re a force to be reckoned with and they shouldn’t be doubted.”

Amen. Also this:

Everyone wants to wear great clothes – we’re all human, we’re all vain and that’s ok.

Thanks dood. Um AND HE’S ONLY 33. And deep:

Created in the wake of his mother’s death last year, SS16’s manic mix of color, cracked paint, disheveled knits and shard embroidery referenced the ideas of being an outsider, art therapy, mental health, and of something
or someone destroyed and pieced back together.


christopher kane 2016 runway lewkz

He’s also adorably close with his sister and business partner, Tammy:

We do everything together. Tammy is my sister, and my best pal.

“People say, ‘I wish I could have a Tammy. And I think, ‘I wish you could, too, but you’re not having mine’”

Oh gorsh. Randomly thrown in for good measure (source: i-D):

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 9.37.15 AM

WAY 2 B CK (not THAT ck, obvs)

~*~fall 2016 runway fash~*~

SOOOooOoOoO many people are all, “HOLLY OMG whaddya think of fall 2016 runway lewkz PLEASE TELL MEEE” and I’m turrd of repeating myself slash just a turd, so here are some of my faves:

kenzo fall 2016 runway lewkz

I hate to spoil things SPOILER ALERT! but fall 2016 is all about tiger stripes, animal print, etc. etc. AS IF this was remotely revolutionary. Animal print has only been “IN” since the dawn of time. Adam, Eve, and Lisa Frank, amirite?

isabel marant runway fall 2016

Here are some more zebra lewkz. I want those pants. Also I am hella flattered that my bae Izzy liked my new Docs so much she put them on all her models.

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party gurl

Party Girl is an awesome female-directed 1995 film starring Parker Posey. It’s about both PARTYING and BEING A LIBRARIAN, clearly two of the best things everrrr.


PP’s character Mary is the best because she 1) stands up for herself, 2) has amazing style, 3) embraces other cultures (appropriates, in the case of her ill-chosen bindi dot at the “Pita, Paul, and Mary” party), and 4) is true to herself.


It’s fun, brave, and empowering. I mean, just look at this cartwheel-while-putting-away-a-stack-o’-books:


Sure, Mary is swimming in privilege, but she does her best to help the people around her. Plus, the movie’s just plain pretty.


Who HASN’T wanted to make out in a library?!


There’ll always be a place for you at the Dairy Queen in my heart, Ms. Posey.