nerd crush: Danny L Harle

If a tall, pale, bespectacled Englishman wasn’t already nerd girl catnip, give him a winning personality and musical superpowers and he’s utterly irresistible. I’m talking, URBVIOUSLY, about Danny L Harle (catchphrase: HUGE DANNY).


This gent from London started out as a cello player, studying classical music, composing soundtracks, and playing jazz on dinner cruises, according to the UK Standard. Then he got into synths in a big way. He recently blew up after releasing hella catchy electro-pop gems like “Broken Flowers” and the fantastic “Super Natural” with Carly Rae Jepsen (although my fave might still be In My Dreams):

There’s something pure about his music…unabashedly upbeat, head-bobbing, body-moving pop. Bubblegum lightning! As much as you can tell about a stranger from their YouTube videos and internet presence, he seems endearingly sincere, taking an infectious joy in his work. From a Clash Music interview:

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hi fall high fash

loving the usual pink ‘n’ gold ‘n’ brights, with a bit of black for some pastel gothy cred. drooling pastry-flavored saliva all over these (GROSS) and imagining i have a sugar mama (or maybe just a sugar cookie?). those gold and pink prada platforms!

fall 2016 designer fashion collage

ready for fall and stomping around in boots, reading depressing books, and drinking tea again. COME AT ME, RAIN! ❤







Who the hell is Agnona? Doesn’t matter because this pastel pink/floral/colorblocking magic is ON POINT Y’ALL. It’s like cotton candy went to sunday school. It’s like a stop sign made of frosting. I DON’T EVEN KNOW because I just ate a donut and am ridin’ this sugar high like a motherfucking wave! WoooooooOOOOOO!

agnona resort 2017 fashion

photos via Vogue

For when you want a Narnia White Witch vibe to go hunting in the woods but then you change your mind and just befriend all the cute wolves and sit around in a circle singing Joni Mitchell:

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fave cannes lewkz

cannes 2016 fashion outfits

all photos via vogue uk

There was a LOT of black and boring stuff, so obviously I rooted through til I found the pink yellow puke amazingness (even though I only know who like 3 of these people are).

um that multicolor strapless number (by Naeem Khan)! I AM IN AWE. and Vanessa Paradis’s flamingo pink heels and menswear. I know Riley Keough’s vomit-and-magenta Gucci dress is gonna be a FASHION DON’T but i love it. Daring colors plus ruffles and a ’90s feel, amirite?

ahhh. pastel candy monster temporarily satiated.



designer crush: christopher kane

So in the ongoing Tavi Worship saga (hey, Tavi was obsessed with Rei Kawakubo of Comme Des Garçons; a little fangirling never hurt nobody, right? RIGHT SWIMFAN? ahem), I remembered she’d mentioned Christopher Kane, so today when Net a Porter’s EDIT magazine had an interview with him, I took note. Turns out HE’S RAD:

The designer describes himself as a feminist, the result of growing up in Motherwell, Scotland, surrounded by an extended family of strong, hard-working women. “I’ve always felt more comfortable around women,” he laughs. “I’m scared of them but I love them; they’re a force to be reckoned with and they shouldn’t be doubted.”

Amen. Also this:

Everyone wants to wear great clothes – we’re all human, we’re all vain and that’s ok.

Thanks dood. Um AND HE’S ONLY 33. And deep:

Created in the wake of his mother’s death last year, SS16’s manic mix of color, cracked paint, disheveled knits and shard embroidery referenced the ideas of being an outsider, art therapy, mental health, and of something
or someone destroyed and pieced back together.


christopher kane 2016 runway lewkz

He’s also adorably close with his sister and business partner, Tammy:

We do everything together. Tammy is my sister, and my best pal.

“People say, ‘I wish I could have a Tammy. And I think, ‘I wish you could, too, but you’re not having mine’”

Oh gorsh. Randomly thrown in for good measure (source: i-D):

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 9.37.15 AM

WAY 2 B CK (not THAT ck, obvs)

~*~fall 2016 runway fash~*~

SOOOooOoOoO many people are all, “HOLLY OMG whaddya think of fall 2016 runway lewkz PLEASE TELL MEEE” and I’m turrd of repeating myself slash just a turd, so here are some of my faves:

kenzo fall 2016 runway lewkz

I hate to spoil things SPOILER ALERT! but fall 2016 is all about tiger stripes, animal print, etc. etc. AS IF this was remotely revolutionary. Animal print has only been “IN” since the dawn of time. Adam, Eve, and Lisa Frank, amirite?

isabel marant runway fall 2016

Here are some more zebra lewkz. I want those pants. Also I am hella flattered that my bae Izzy liked my new Docs so much she put them on all her models.

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yayoi kusama on loving your art

I’m a big fan of love, and being in love, but one of my all-time fave quotes is about pouring yourself into your art, not someone else.

The gorgeous Lula Magazine asked avant-garde artist Yayoi Kusama if she’d ever been in love. This was her reply:

Looking back on some 40 years, I realize that I have been totally occupied with making my artworks that I simply did not have time to be in love. I am in love with my works.

Here’s another good quote of hers from elsewhere:

I fight pain, anxiety, and fear every day, and the only method I have found that relieves my illness is to keep creating art.