i keep heart-shaped glasses close to me for when it rains


spring 2018 boho vibez

Feeling very pastel-pink-yellow-blue, California, soft flowy hippie, vintage florals ‘n’ daisies, faded embroidered jeans with a flowy white top:

kinda the opposite of rock ‘n’ roll joan jett dark edgy shit.

Inspired by the Washington Post’s In/Out list, here’s mine, which boils down to “out with trying so hard to be a badass; in with being a softy”:

Out with… In with…
Irish coffee Green tea with honey and lemon
Hot pink hair Bleached blonde
Black lace-up jeans Faded embroidered mom jeans
Ankle boots Clogs and mary janes
Snarling and glowering Naps and hugs
Resentment Vulnerability

(I mean, who wouldn’t want their seasonal style aesthetic to be “weeping openly in a coffeeshop”?!)

Wut’s yer 2018 style vibe?

Obsessed with: Supergirl’s apartment

I started watching Supergirl because the #Supercorp ship…ment (shipment? ship?) crossed my Tumblr dashboard [yes I realize I sound 14, which is fine cuz that’s how old I am inside anyway], so the show seemed to have delightful lesbian subtext. Halfway through the first season, I have yet to see anything gay, but I HAVE fallen in love with Supergirl’s apartment.

(warner bros. via kansas city star)

I read an article saying the show is basically millennial wish-fulfillment, and at least in terms of her apartment, it’s true–despite working as a measly assistant, Kara has a huge, breezy loft with exposed brick and floor-to-almost-ceiling windows framed by flowing white curtains:


The overall vibe is kinda shabby-chic, eclectic, Anthropologie store, with a mint-and-cream color palette. Lots of white pillar candles. Some green paisley (decidedly unhip but consistent with the superhero’s sweet temperament).


Somehow it’s large and airy yet cozy, industrial yet soft. There’s a splash of retro too, with a rotary phone and typewriter, but nothing too hipster. Very friendly and accessible, not cooler-than-thou. There’s kind of a flea market/thrift store/cottage vibe? A little bit farmhouse, a little bit “I went to Mumbai in college.” (Maybe more World Market than Anthro? Just spitballing here.)

(Robert Chan/Yahoo TV via Tumblr)

Often when I’m watching I get distracted by scoping out her apartment and ignore the actual, you know, plot. I think it’s soothing because it touches on a recurring theme/lesson I’m trying to learn: It feels really good to worry less what other people think. I mean, I’d NEVER be caught dead with paisley in my place…but maybe I should give it a whirl! Some of the places I’ve felt most comfortable have been dated and un-trendy. They feel HONEST. It’s like the room/building let its guard down, so I can too. If there’s anywhere in the world you should be able to let down your defenses, it’s your home, right? Maybe that’s a good goal for 2018: embrace the unhip! (Or just…more soft lighting.)

dressing like a toddler for fun and profit

You know what’s overrated? Dressing like a grownup.

I went through a brief period of Trying To Look Professional (coinciding with a certain job). You know, blazers, flattering colors, and all that. Now that I work from home or in a casual coworking space, I’m back to Looking Like a Goddamn Hot Mess. J/k, I still try to look presentable…but in an Eccentric Glamour kind of way.


Why are all the fun clothes made for kids? I swear:

SOMEone (ahem, serious fashion designers) decided women only wanted to wear olive green and navy and black and white. When REALLY some of us want to wear neon rainbows and watermelons all the time, and preferably not in polyester, thankyouverymuch. (Thankfully, Lazy Oaf and Gorman seem to realize this, though they’re pretty spendy.)

Lately, I’ve been embracing my inner child by ordering some pink cotton bike shorts to wear under mini dresses and wearing t-shirts under strappy/cleavage-y sundresses. To hell with looking chic or sophisticated! It’s not like I spend my free time slinking around jazz bars, martini in hand. More like taking long naps and running down the street to catch the bus.

Is subtlety only for the borings? Will my therapist have a field day analyzing what this means about my maturity level and comfort with my SEXUALITY and WOMANHOOD? Tune in next time! J/k, we’ll probably talk about butterscotch pudding next time. SORRRRREEEEE!

journal #6

remember when my favorite colors wuz pink & green


How to dress like Claudia Kishi

Is any fictional character more beloved for her personal style than CLAUDIA KISHI?

claudia kishi fashion outfits wardrobe

Unquestionably the best member of The Babysitters Club books (a ’90s-child staple), Claudia was *~the artsy one~* and the most relatable (for me, at least). Claud is known for her terrible spelling, candy addiction, and FUNKY FRESH wardrobe, which author Ann M. Martin (and her ghostwriters) describe in deliciously painstaking detail in every book. While struggling with school and comparisons to her genius sister, Janine, Claudia expressed her creativity through amazing thrifted mish-mash outfits. They revolve around a few key staples:

  • Leggings
  • Vests
  • Cowboy boots
  • Hoops or novelty earrings
  • Long funky necklaces
  • High ponytails with scrunchies

So much yes.

claudia kishi outfits fashion

Claud was the original hipster, but in an unpretentious way (she was cool because she was messy and had her own phone line, not because she listened to the “right” bands). She wasn’t self-obsessed. She mostly cared about babysitting, painting, reading Nancy Drew mysteries, being a good friend, and hanging out with her grandma, Mimi. She lacked the snobby narcissism of Stacey, the mousy spinelessness of Mary Anne, and the controlling type-A-ness of Kristy. (Wow, I guess I didn’t like the other characters much!)

And of any of the characters, Claudia left the biggest mark on pop culture, inspiring a comic, a fashion blog, and countless style posts (including this one!). Half Japanese, she was also a role model for Asian-American readers (although writers did focus on her “exotic”-ness and “almond-shaped eyes” too much).

So eat a doughnut, hit up your favorite thrift store, and twirl the cord of your landline around your finger! ❤ u 4ever, Claudia.