Obsessed with: Supergirl’s apartment

I started watching Supergirl because the #Supercorp ship…ment (shipment? ship?) crossed my Tumblr dashboard [yes I realize I sound 14, which is fine cuz that’s how old I am inside anyway], so the show seemed to have delightful lesbian subtext. Halfway through the first season, I have yet to see anything gay, but I HAVE fallen in love with Supergirl’s apartment.

(warner bros. via kansas city star)

I read an article saying the show is basically millennial wish-fulfillment, and at least in terms of her apartment, it’s true–despite working as a measly assistant, Kara has a huge, breezy loft with exposed brick and floor-to-almost-ceiling windows framed by flowing white curtains:


The overall vibe is kinda shabby-chic, eclectic, Anthropologie store, with a mint-and-cream color palette. Lots of white pillar candles. Some green paisley (decidedly unhip but consistent with the superhero’s sweet temperament).


Somehow it’s large and airy yet cozy, industrial yet soft. There’s a splash of retro too, with a rotary phone and typewriter, but nothing too hipster. Very friendly and accessible, not cooler-than-thou. There’s kind of a flea market/thrift store/cottage vibe? A little bit farmhouse, a little bit “I went to Mumbai in college.” (Maybe more World Market than Anthro? Just spitballing here.)

(Robert Chan/Yahoo TV via Tumblr)

Often when I’m watching I get distracted by scoping out her apartment and ignore the actual, you know, plot. I think it’s soothing because it touches on a recurring theme/lesson I’m trying to learn: It feels really good to worry less what other people think. I mean, I’d NEVER be caught dead with paisley in my place…but maybe I should give it a whirl! Some of the places I’ve felt most comfortable have been dated and un-trendy. They feel HONEST. It’s like the room/building let its guard down, so I can too. If there’s anywhere in the world you should be able to let down your defenses, it’s your home, right? Maybe that’s a good goal for 2018: embrace the unhip! (Or just…more soft lighting.)


do your thing (or The Incredible Jessica James)

<< Just watched this (the movie, not the trailer) and it gave me all the feels.

First of all, it’s awesome. It’s like Bridesmaids meets Broad City meets…Frances Ha. Or something. Love + confusion + heartbreak + doing that thing you have to do, despite rejection.

As “pretentious white millennial” as it sounds, I’ve been having a mini existential crisis lately around writing, or my identity as a Writer. Main problem: comparing myself to other people. Specifically, other writers I’ve worked with whose careers have taken off. I quit Twitter because I couldn’t squelch the comparisons: They had more followers, more little public side-convos with Important People, more retweets, faster and wittier quips about current events. Just typing it makes me re-feel how sour and twisty (to borrow Shonda Rhimes’ word) I felt, like paper burning or a leaf curling in on itself. The opposite of expansive. When other writers were getting better and better writing gigs, getting book deals, I felt like I was floundering. I lack the backbone and financial independence to freelance full-time (the year I did was terrifying, although not bankrupt) and the confidence to relentlessly, constantly self-promote. It’s self-doubt, not humility.

So I withdrew. “Don’t play no game that I can’t win.” Best to give up on writing, to slink away from an over-crowded field stuffed with self-important megaphone-holders and become a plumber, right? I went to a career counselor, investigated different fields, thought interior design was a good fit (maybe it still is).

But if I’m honest, writing will always be my #1. It’s what I lose myself in, the only thing that can make me forget to eat lunch (LUNCH! glorious lunch), the thing I do for absolutely no reason other than I like it and I have to do it or I’ll go mad. Journaling keeps me sane. Typing this is my way of trying to make sense of life. If someone I knew was a mediocre musician in a random band, I wouldn’t tell them to give up and become an actuary; I’d respect that they were at least TRYING. Why can’t I extend that kindness, patience, and appreciation to myself?

Which brings me to The Incredible Jessica James. No spoilers, but at one point, Jessica is questioning herself, and her idol basically says, Well, you’re doing the thing, aren’t you? You NEVER really arrive as a creative person; you just have to do whatever it is you do. Like the cliché that a writer is someone who writes. I’m writing this blog post, therefore I’m a writer! Not that imma confuse myself with Shakespeare or Nora Ephron or Lindy West anytime soon. But doing the thing is how you get better at it. Trying and showing up is 90% of it, right? (End paragraph full of clichés.)

Anyway, that scene made me cry. I’ve felt like such a complete and utter FAILURE as a writer lately. But I can’t just give up because I found some people who’re better than I am. There will ALWAYS be people better than me. That’s a wack reason not to do something.

There’s no neat, tidy end here…I have no resolutions to pitch my stuff to XYZ website, or submit one thing a month. I have no goals. For right now, it’s enough to say to myself, You’re a writer. You write. You love writing. You aren’t the best–AND THAT DOESN’T MATTER ONE BIT. All I can do is be gentle and honest with myself and go from there.

bustin’ makes me feel good

Saw the new Ghostbusters and Kate McKinnon stole the show. Hilarious, nerdy, and awkward while oozing charisma and queer style. Yellow goggly glasses, chunky boots, vests, and baggy pants needed immediately.

kate mckinnon ghostbusters photos style fashion

❤ ❤ ❤

city of love

Saw the La La Land trailer and it gave me all the feels. I know, I know, two cis het white able-bodied, etc., people in love, HOW GROUNDBREAKING. But still, wistful emotions! Saturated sunset colors! And it’s a musical?! YAS PLZ

la la land trailer ryan gosling

la la land emma stone

la la land ryan gosling emma stone

la la land emma stone

la la land emma stone

la la land ryan gosling emma stone

la la land movie title

It comes out in December.



<3 rosa diaz <3

Rosa Diaz of Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a badass. The fictional police detective breaks things, almost never smiles, and doesn’t suffer fools. She’s also amazing at her job and dresses like a biker/assassin. Basically, she’s awesome. She would’ve been fired 10 times over in real life, but that’s the beauty of TV, eh?

Rosa Diaz. Know her. LOVE HER. As much as you can through gifs, anyway:

rosa diaz axe brooklyn nine nine

rosa diaz destroys printer brooklyn nine nine

Rosa Diaz yay brooklyn nine nine

rosa diaz feelings brooklyn 99

rosa diaz mercy kill blink twice brooklyn 99

rosa diaz hate people think they're hot

rosa diaz i hate small talk brooklyn nine nine

rosa diaz flirting insulting brooklyn nine nine

rosa diaz brooklyn 99 morons


rosa diaz lorelai brooklyn nine nine

Got your number, Diaz.

rosa diaz you know too much brooklyn 99